Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Trash to Treasure

 Sometimes it is hard to let something this useful go.  When I found this bookshelf it needed to have the bottom fixed so that it would stand and it became a great teaching tool for hubby as he learned as he added the crown top.
Off to the shop she goes now.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Farm Table

 Farm Table for sale  $ 750.00
7 feet long  3 feet wide
Seats 6-8 people
Farm Table in Aqua  $ 395.00
7 feet long 3 feet wide
Seats 6-8

Table Time

I can guarantee you one thing and that is everybody has a good memory around a table.    As our family grew so did our table but my heart always skipped a beat whenever I would find a farm table for the shop.  They rarely came perfect but with a little paint and refinishing they would never last long enough for me to keep one for myself.
They are perfectly not perfect and oh so practical for a growing family.  They are not fussy which I believe is their charm.

With their popularity I asked my Mr. if he would consider building them for the shop.  
 A 9 foot beauty was created with Thanksgiving gatherings in mind.
The custom built 7 foot beauty rolled away this week.   But this twisted leg farm table was my hubby's first build.   It is my very favorite and that is because he did it just for me!
If you would like a farm table and are in the Tampa area we would be delighted to build one for you.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wedding Flowers

Perfect for a tropical wedding. These arrangements have Ginger, orchids, palms, roses and gladiolos and I don't know what that heart flower is. Just by adding a few roses the color of your chosing you can make a great custom arrangement although it is stunning just as it is. All of the wedding flowers including the pew arrangements.
are $200.oo plus S&H

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Beautiful girl picture

I love the artist who does these paintings. I was told that he paints his family. I think she is so pretty and I love the fall colors.
She is $69 +S&H

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pretty painting of Girl by the beach

$69.00 + S&H
Call it obsession! I had everything except the water, in my garage that I needed to copy this picture. I would say if I can find it in here you will be able to as well. For my Tampa Bay area customers, Stay posted for my Big Home Sale coming later this month.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

One Mantel Top Decorated 3 Ways

I love old tarnished silver. Decorating today with my friend we used lots of mercury glass. I am hooked on it now,especially using the old tarnished silverplate. When I got home from my friends house I decided to decorate a Mantel Top that I have for sale.

Here is the mantel top decorated in the Coastal theme. I love the coastal look. I can't remember which magazine I saw it in but they had used only shells to decorate a mantel. It was fabulous. You can just let your imagination run wild.

And now for my personal favorite. Romantic Shabby Chic.

Mantel top is $215.00+S&H

This mantel was made with Old mirror and the embellishment on the top.

Wouldn't this be a fun piece to decorate in just about any room?

Isn't this a pretty Seashell box...but wait....it is a vintage Deco phone. $45.00+S&H SOLD

Vintage Finds are non-refundable.